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Triexta Carpet in Bedroom

Triexta Carpet

Hitting the market in 2009, triexta is excellent for parents and pet owners seeking a durable, soft, and affordable option.

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Paddock Place Solid Swatch

Paddock Place Solid

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  • Pet-Friendly, Green Select


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Paddock Win Solid Swatch

Paddock Win Solid

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  • Pet-Friendly, Green Select


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Triexta Carpet

Triexta Carpet in Living Room

What Is Triexta Carpet?

Though it's the latest newcomer to the world of synthetic fibers, triexta carpet has made a big impression in a relatively short time. Since hitting the market in 2009, triexta has become an excellent choice for parents and pet owners searching for a durable, soft, and affordable option that can hold up to their household's unexpected messes and daily wear.

But what actually is triexta carpet and what's it composed of? Made from polytrimethylene terephthalate, triexta shares several characteristics with polyester–enough to make it a subclass of polyester called polytrimethylene (PTT).


When it comes to appearance, triexta fibers look more like nylon than polyester. Rather than a high shine, triexta gives a matte finish. It's a colorfast fiber, so it resists fading from direct sun and UV exposure. You can put triexta to work in your bedroom or office as a gorgeous patterned or textured carpet.

Durability and Maintenance

You might be wondering, is triexta carpet safe for a house full of rowdy kids or rambunctious pets? Not only is it safe, but it's the only carpet on the market with permanent, built-in stain resistance! The fibers provide more resilience and durability than traditional polyester, and many carpet experts agree that triexta is just as durable as nylon.

With triexta carpet, allergies from trapped pollen and dust are less likely if you keep up with regular cleaning. Because the fibers are densely packed, you'll want to use a powerful, high-quality vacuum that meets your manufacturer's recommendations. Depending on your product's warranty label, an occasional water-based deep cleaning can release any stains that occur, leaving your triexta carpet looking refreshed and just like new.


Since triexta carpet brands are fairly new to the industry, flooring experts have limited experience related to its longevity. That being said, triexta carpet’s durability lends itself a long life of a decade or more, but this depends on a few factors. These include:

  • How much traffic the carpet receives
  • How well and how often you maintain the carpet
  • Whether it was properly installed
  • The quality of the materials used
  • Whether you follow the manufacturer's guidelines

We suggest looking into the warranty available for the carpeting you're purchasing. Carpet One Floor & Home offers warranty protection so you can rest easy knowing your new investment will last you for years to come


Fortunately, the installation process for triexta carpets is similar to other carpet types and materials. The straightforward but labor intensive process requires time, tools and a proper skillset. Our recommendation is to save yourself a headache and leave it up to installation experts. Experienced professionals will ensure that your carpet is installed the right way, whether it's glued down or stretched into place.

Pros and cons of triexta carpet

Triexta fibers offer several advantages to your household over other synthetic carpeting materials.

  • Its hydrophobic makeup naturally repels liquids and therefore mold and mildew as well
  • Durable, soft carpet that holds up to pets and kids
  • Easier on the earth since it doesn't require harmful chemicals to be stain resistant

All in all, the disadvantages of triexta carpet are few and far between.

  • It's a newer material, so there's not as much known about its performance in the long term
  • When it comes time to clean, it can be a little more difficult due to the higher density

How much does triexta cost?

Triexta is competitively priced between polyester and nylon. When considering your options, make sure you're comparing carpets of the similar quality. If you want to incorporate triexta carpeting but at a lower price point, check out triexta polyester carpet blend.

Frequently asked questions

What is triexta in carpet?

Triexta is an eco-friendly carpet composed of synthetic material. Perfect for your active household, triexta carpet gives you peace of mind with its resilient fibers that are resistant to stain, soil, and water.

Is triexta better than polyester carpet?

Triexta is similar to polyester in several ways, which is why it's considered a subclass of polyester. Though triexta may withstand your chaotic household better and longer than polyester, both types of carpet fibers will resist stains from the occasional spilled juice or muddy paw prints.

Is triexta carpet expensive?

No, triexta carpeting is competitively priced with both nylon and polyester. When you’re comparing costs, make sure you’re considering products of similar qualities.

Is triexta carpet toxic?

No! Triexta isn't considered a harmful, toxic synthetic material. In fact, triexta is a popular choice if you’re looking for carpeting in your child’s bedroom or playroom thanks to its natural stain resistance. It's not treated with additional chemicals that are known to emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). For this reason, triexta carpet has the Green Label Plus certification from the Carpet and Rug Institute.

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