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Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof Flooring Guide

Waterproof flooring options were once few and far between. Times have certainly changed, however, and today there are thousands of waterproof options to fulfill every style craving. Made to tackle your more harrowing days, waterproof flooring spans all of your favorite flooring mediums with options for every space and budget.


At Brewer Carpet One Floor & Home of Edmond, Enid, Oklahoma City, Stillwater, and Yukon, OK, we love helping homeowners find beautiful solutions to daily obstacles. Our eclectic inventory of waterproof flooring offers a world of options, including carpeting, hardwood, tile, and luxury vinyl flooring.



Benefits of Waterproof Flooring

Before you select your ideal waterproof flooring, it’s wise to understand how these products work.  “Waterproof” and “moisture-resistant” products have some significant distinctions. A moisture-resistant flooring can manage small splashes but won’t protect against major accidents like overflowing sinks or severe puppy puddles.


Waterproof flooring is equipped with several hidden weapons to tackle severe moisture and spills. With a waterproof product, splashes are trapped on the surface and prevented from causing significant damages. Still, it’s essential to do your part: be sure to address spills promptly. Most of the time, only a clean towel and dab of water are all that’s needed to do so.



Our Waterproof Flooring Collection

Brewer Carpet One Floor & Home is a proud member of North America’s largest independent flooring cooperative. Our impressive waterproof flooring collection allows you to choose with confidence. Here, you’ll find all the top flooring brands, as well as some incredible exclusives. Visit us soon at one of our six local shops to check out our latest waterproof flooring product displays. 



More of Waterproof Flooring

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Water Resistant Carpet


We know accidents happen, especially if you have children and pets in your home. Take the extra step by installing waterproof carpeting in your home. One of our Tigressá lines, exclusive to Carpet One Floor & Home, features H2O™ technology on the backing of the carpet which prevents moisture from seeping through to your subfloor.



Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Although many luxury vinyl options are moisture resistant, we do offer entirely waterproof options. Luxury vinyl tiles and planks allow you to have the looks and aesthetic appeal you want with extra durability. They are designed to resemble hardwood, stone and tile, so you can still get the look you want without worrying about the floor getting ruined by moisture!



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Kitchen & Bathroom Tile


Tile is naturally resistant to moisture and heat, which is why it is a common choice for kitchens and bathrooms. The materials tile is made from also make it resistant to warping or reacting to any changes in temperature. Porcelain tile that absorbs less than 0.5% moisture is considered waterproof. Porcelain tile can be installed as a floor, but you can also install them in showers for a custom bathroom.



Hydrotek Waterproof Hardwood

Hydrotek is genuinely a game-changer. Merging choice cuts of the finest hardwoods and the latest technologies, this incredible, 100% waterproof engineered hardwood floor offers elegance and function where you need it the most.



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