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Vinyl flooring in living room with couch, chair, and coffee table

Luxury Vinyl Floors in Oklahoma


Luxury vinyl flooring is a smart floor combining high end looks, affordability, and performance. If you’re looking for a floor that can handle your dusty cowboy boots, our hazy summers, and rainy seasons, look no further: vinyl flooring truly has it all.

At Brewer Carpet One Floor & Home, we’re here to help you love your space from the floor up, and we’re proud to provide the best vinyl flooring, professional installations, and design services to home and business owners.

We proudly serve homeowners, local business owners, and property managers in Enid, Stillwater, Yukon, Edmond, and Oklahoma City, OK.


Why Shop with Us?

We offer a very diverse range of luxury vinyl flooring options for you to consider.

With showrooms scattered across Oklahoma, you’ll find top-grade luxury vinyl planks and luxury vinyl tiles near you. We also bring you a full range of professional flooring services, including luxury vinyl flooring installation, regular maintenance, and flooring repairs.

Need floors that can withstand Oklahoma’s harsh climate? With all your favorite weather-friendly, reliable flooring options, we’re your friends and neighbors, with decades of experience in matching you with the best luxury vinyl flooring, along with precise installation and personalized design.


What are the Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

No longer the sheet vinyl of the past, modern vinyl flooring is a stylish product capable of mirroring real hardwood, tile, and stone.

Vinyl’s many awesome benefits include:

  • High-definition imaging
  • Affordable prices
  • Exceptional durability
  • Resistance to scratches, stains, and moisture

What Types of Vinyl Flooring Are There?


Once considered a “budget” flooring option, today’s vinyl flooring comes in two main types: planks and tiles.

  • Vinyl plank flooring looks like natural hardwood plank but is affordable and easy to maintain. They come in all your favorite styles, sizes, and finishes. Since they’re made to resist moisture and wear, vinyl planks incorporate natural wood looks without the added expense and hassle.
  • Vinyl tile flooring is available in squares to give the appearance of fine ceramic and stone. Vinyl tiles are excellent for high-traffic areas, especially commercial settings since damaged tiles can be installed individually. It weaves distinctive patterns to add an attractive focal point to your space. You can even grout them for added realism.

How Does Vinyl Plank Compare to Natural Hardwood?


While vinyl differs from natural hardwood, there are compelling reasons to opt for vinyl plank. 

With its resilient outer wear layer, vinyl plank holds strong against scratches and scrapes. Unlike hardwood, vinyl planks can go in areas that are prone to moisture and humidity, so it’s possible to create a hardwood look in spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, and even in your finished basement.

Vinyl plank tends to be more affordable than actual hardwood, from its initial purchase to its ongoing upkeep. Built in durable layers, vinyl flooring achieves ongoing comfort, as well as exceptional stability. These layers resist heavy foot traffic and spills and won’t readily snap, crack, or chip.


Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?

 Vinyl flooring comes in both moisture-resistant and completely waterproof options.

Waterproof vinyl flooring has a specialized core that stops leaks from reaching the subfloor and prevents warping in response to humidity and moisture.


Where Can I Install Luxury Vinyl Floors?

Here in Oklahoma, vinyl floors are suitable for all your key living areas.

Whether it’s a bustling living room, bathroom, kitchen, or finished basement, luxury vinyl’s adaptability makes it the perfect choice for your every room.

This flooring fares great in:

  • Laundry Rooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Playrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Basements
  • Kitchens
  • Offices
  • Finished Attics

If you’re looking for a solution to your whole-home flooring, waterproof vinyl could be the best option.


Planning Your Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation

Vinyl flooring is versatile and straightforward to install.

We have interlocking vinyl flooring and glue-down products. Interlocking vinyl can be installed as a floating floor that’s available to walk on the very same day it’s put in.

Install vinyl below and above grade and in moisture-prone settings. It manages heavy traffic thanks to its durable construction and resilient wear layer. Commercial vinyl plank flooring and tiles are especially popular in busy spaces because they’ll stay looking beautiful for years to come and are easy to clean.


Shop Luxury Vinyl Flooring Near You in Oklahoma

 At Brewer Carpet One Floor & Home, we’re continually updating our flooring selection to encompass the latest technologies and styles. As members of the world’s largest independent flooring cooperative, we offer incredible value, variety, and warranties.

We have the best vinyl flooring brands, as well as incredible sales and offers on your favorite flooring products. After all, our goal is the same as yours: quality floors and affordability! Whatever you need, we’re here to assist, and you’ll love our seamless installation process.

Visit one of our store locations if you’d like to learn more about our quality products and installation services.

Luxury Vinyl For the Bath

Waterproof luxury vinyl tile and plank are perfect additions to your powder room!
Stone look vinyl flooring in bathroom with bathtub and sink

A Floor for the Entire Family

Need a family-friendly floor that can be used throughout your entire home? Luxury vinyl flooring is all this and so much more.
Wood look vinyl flooring in kitchen with wooden table and stools
Kitchen with wooden table and chairs, vinyl flooring

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