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Commercial Flooring

Commercial Carpet Tiles

At Brewer Carpet One Floor & Home, we carry an extensive collection of commercial flooring, including carpet tiles. A highly sought after option, carpet tiles continue to be a top choice for many reasons. Not only are they quick and easy to install, but they’re also easy to replace, maintain, and they look great! Whether you’re looking for the perfect flooring to match current décor or you’re starting fresh, you can find a carpet tile style in your preferred design style. 

When you think about your commercial space, you might think about the high amount of traffic, spills, and accidents. While all of these factors can be part of your ultimate flooring decision, it’s important that you consider what’s best for your space. Our local flooring pros are here to answer all of your questions about flooring, from design-focused questions to price and construction of different products. We take pride in being your local flooring retailer, and we’ll take our time with you to ensure you’re getting everything you want and more! 

If you are ready to invest in new commercial flooring for your space, stop by one of our showrooms today!


About Carpet Tiles

Why are carpet tiles still so popular? To start with, carpet tiles are one of the easiest types of flooring to replace quickly. Rather than pulling up the entire floor, you can pick up the carpet tiles that are damaged beyond repair. Once the old tiles are removed, new tiles can be installed. It only takes a few minutes to install a couple new carpet tiles, whereas it can take days to remove and install a whole room of commercial flooring. 

Not only are carpet tiles easy to maintain, but they are also available in almost every style. From bright colors to basic neutrals and nearly every pattern and color in between, you can find a carpet tile that fits your design flawlessly. 

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